Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | December 17, 2012

Christmas Story

I am so excited to tell you my Christmas story…

I am sick in fact I have no voice right now .. I am in Uk but leave shortly for the desert ..
I just called Mali..Diema and my chief there Salihou..I was thrilled to have called at the right time..they are following my usual programme and are in the middle of having our christmas party…
Football is on now and a little later all the children we recieve gifts.. we dont have a dressed Santa but that doesnt matter to those who come to enjoy a little of our Christian Christmas Spirit..

Many of Village Ventures Members are there enjoying a special afternoon..including a young lady by the name of Viki who is assisting Salihou today .. we will share fotos as we get them..

I am so grateful for having instant access to my programme over in Mali and for those who have given of their time to allow the local children chance to feel they are not alone… that many people are thinking of them and wishing them well…Thankyou for all your gifts that have allowed us to have this party today..God Bless you all

We wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas and New Year

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