Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | February 17, 2013

tough times

its been a long time coming.. I havent blogged for some time as I was waiting to see what events transpired from December onward.. then I became so busy I haven’t had time to write anything so it’s catch up time..
So lets start with my car…I left just after Christmas day, excited as it was my first CHristmas there for some years and excited as we were to start a new project in Mauritania..
My excited was soon crushed as my cars engine gave up the ghost just at the foot of the pyrinees.. it was towed to spain where the head gasget was replaced.. tooo expensive.. luckily my friend helped cover the cost..I needed sufficient to arrive in Nouchott for this project….after 1,000 miles the engine collapsed and even broke here and there..I was now in the desert 150kms from Layounne ..luckily an angel appeared and I was towed to the city where we arranged an engine to come from Casa Blanca ata cost of around 1,000 euro…just just managed to scrape the money up…but the engine wasnt good.. had to send for another was the same problem..finally after 9 days of waiting another engine was put in the car.. this one came from Marrakesh.. it had been running for 2 days.. Halleluya..finally I could get on with my task.. to arrive in nouchott.. before the Budapest car rally.. I just managed it..
That whole journey took more than 4 weeks.. was incredibly crazy to me..
But now I was there waiting for the Rally to arrive..
I had said to Andrew a few weeks ago that I would set up a new programme in Mauritania for mentally handicapped and others.. a small day some wonderful donations fact I haven’t had time to look at them so far.
as on the only evening available I took about 10 vehicles to see an orphanage..its roof is collapsingand really needs a good clean up.. so I decided instead of setting up a new programme, we could help the orphans and handicapped together by linking in and using the rooms they have.
I hope no one minds my doing this as I feel this way many people who need help will benefit….then I joined the Rally to Guinea Bissau..
For me it was a wonderful experience..Janos Sofia and Artila were absolutely gentle loving and kind..we all enjoyed each others company…miss them even now..we slept in tents and shared everything..
Guinea Bissau was very disappointing to me..and I would care to return again.. all I really saw where policemen beating up local people and they also impounded the cars from the rally..I felt as though I had arrived in prison..wasn’t easy..
I was pleased to get into the donated ambulance, which is to be donated to a very poor hospital here in Nouchott, and then I had Salihou following me driving a vehicle we hope to use in Gao orTimbouchto in a couple of months time when we feel things have calmed sufficiently to go in..
The journey back was horrendous..I came on the worst tracks in the world I think and at a point I lost a side window of the ambulance.. I hope I can find a replacement…I guess I can..
There are several stories but will only tell you one, I was happy to arrive again at Rosso even though it didn’t hold good memories for crossing was departure from that frontier was a night mare..Only thanks to my friends in Nouchott was  I able to leave at all last night..The police had been wonderful, but the customs officer who was dealing with me, became very stubborn.. He had told me to get get a copy of my passport..didn’t know where to get one..but finally I went and found one..arrived back to their officeand he said his time was now finished and wasn’t going to help me now.. although when I grimaced he called some one else to come.. He arrived and because I was outspoken he decided no one would do my papers at all, that i should stay until today.. Thankfully my friend arranged for my departure  I am only extremely lucky to be here tonight to tell the tale..
I am now so tired I dont want to get back into a car for a couple of days..just need to rest up.and then distribute the donations and post fotos for all of those who supported us so well..
I cannot tell you how grateful we are for those who willingly give of their time and money..and you know that all you gave will go to the right people for the right purposes..
God Bless and thankyou once more

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