Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | July 20, 2013

New pictures and news update

Its been some long time since I did a blog.. in fact the last one was regarding the Italian Volunteers we had in Mauritania..Helping with the restoration of the Orphanage.

I am pleased to say that we have had really great reports that they have been doing a wonderful job and the orphanage is looking much better now.. I cant tell these volunteers who are paid nothing to help us,how very grateful we and the people running the orphanage really are.I do know have some photos and there will be a link set up so you can look at what has been changed.

Diema in Mali also is moving forward, many of the Rally Participants will remember the vehicle that was donated well as you can see from the photos it has had a face lift..
it is now being used as a transporter / taxi for local people and will hopefully with the funds raised, will help our programmes to continue.
The other photos are of some of the our Koranic students, who are forced to beg on the crossroads, each and every day.
Some long time ago, it was decided to set up a programme to give out food for free, 3 times a week.
We buy sacks of rice and have a local lady come and cook 3 kgs on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. thus enabling all the students to come eat a nutritional meal consisting of rice with a meat sauce.
It hasn’t been easy to keep this programme ongoing as funds were depleted, but thanks to
selfless individuals, we have are able to continue.
We cannot say how grateful we really are to all who continue to help us with our projects in West Africa.
Thankyou once again for sharing with others.

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