Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | July 20, 2013

how’s your French

After some long time of asking..I have received these photos of Eric in his classroom..he is teaching the children how to use the laptops properly ..and it also needs to be added that it was villageventures that first taught Eric and Salihou how to use a computer in the first instance ..

We have a trickle down programme and its working well now.
I am really grateful to those who donate so we can share our knowledge and resources with children and adults alike.

It has to be understood as well.. at present I am in Europe …creating an awareness and fundraising whilst my team in Mali are now able to run our programmes..and as you can see by the photos uploaded they are doing a great work in caring for their own peoples ..

I am thrilled that after much trial and error ..I have a responsible and caring team of individuals in Mali willing to give their time for free to serve their own people I in various ways as these photos depict. I am proud of Salihou and Eric ..Thankyou guys for all you are doing..and there us anyone out there who wants to do a service project and visit Mali or Mauritania next year then please get in touch.

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