Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | August 5, 2014

Our New Programme for Mali

As UK Charity Status as been granted to Village Ventures Africa, we now intend to rebuild our small centre and turn it into a Petit Auberge, as many of you will already know.
Reason being, we believe its important that we have a place in the Town of Diema, The INternational Crossroads of Mali, that is able to accommodate visitors, volunteers and those passing through the town.

We hope this will bring in a little income to help cover costs of the running of the centre as well as creating an awareness of the plight of the people we support in the town as well as in the surrounding villages.

As we are taking a Truck down to Mali (Donated by SHREDDALL of Nottingham) it is hoped we can fill it with necessary equipment required for building. We are also looking to take a large climbing frame and other such relevant items for our children’s park area.
If you can help us source any items suitable for this programme please make contact.

The Plan is to leave the UK on or around the 9/10 September.
Already we have many goodies to take including a donation of 25 bicycles which we donate to those who walk up to 14 kms to school each day. Obviously we have room for more if you have a spare one in your garage. Let us know.
We have 5 solar panels to take, these will cover all our electrical needs, and just in case, we also have a huge generator as well for back up.
Not that we will use so much electricity, its for evening lights, fridge showers and computer use for the moment.

We are always looking for your unwanted laptops, as we donate these to our schools, encouraging the youth to gain world knowledge, as they will become the leaders of tomorrow in this area.
Tools or gardening are necessary as we are pushing to set up several small market gardens out in the villages.
We know its a huge ask but our big need a is a small Tractor, if you know of anyone who has one available, we would love to hear from you.
God Bless and thanks for all of your support.
Pam and Team

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