Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 20, 2015

Walking 2 years plus.

On this leg on my journey through Spain., I came across a Spanish man who had been walking for more that 2 years.
After Village Ventures and others helped him a little to find accommodation for a time..
I learned of his sad story..
He married his sweetheart and had a baby..there were complications and the baby died in infancy.
The mother needed a blood transfusion but was given contaminated blood..from then for her to live her husband lious had to pay weekly medicines from his salary and pay his mortgage.. A few years ago his wife died, and was left alone.
He continued to work in construction until at a point he couldn’t pay his mortgage..the bank took his apartment.
The social services gave him 400 Euro a month but the bank took it to pay his debt..
After sleeping on the streets for some long time in freezing conditions of Galacia he decided to walk southwards..he had just walked to fuengirola when I saw him..
Now a lonely man, no direct family and seemingly no one who was interested in his well-being..
No money coming from the state just food from the rubbish bins..incredibly sad..I just pray with our little assistance his life will take a new turn..
We are ever grateful to those who support our programmes in any way enabling us to share a little here and there with those who cannot help themselves..anywhere in the world ..not just in Africa.. God Bless.

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