Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 20, 2015

The Guinness book of records

Yesterday I chose to visit a small area way of the beaten track to find some fish to eat for lunch.
I finally decided upon a restaurant on the front of terfaya 30 kms from the highway.
I was supposed to find a young foreign man there..after asking for my food costs, I went over to this young man and asked why he was here..
First he told me he was from Slovakia 23 years old and that his parents were alcoholics. His girlfriend of 5 years betrayed him..leaving him to wonder what his life was all about.
He made a decision to leave his job as a chef his family and girlfriend.
He contacted his local government and told them that with hardly any money he wanted to travel the world.. This created great interest from TV , RADIO and many people from around the world.
The Guinness book of records decided to monitor him for entry into the book once finished, it should take 5 years..he’s been traveling 5 months..still a long way to go..but I am pleased Village Ventures can set up a link between his blog and our website..For the moment he his traveling with me..maybe even to Mali..
His plan his to go across to canary islands before December where he will link up with a transatlantic team who will take home over to America from there Mexico , Brazil, and onwards..enjoy following this brave young man via our website..

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