Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 21, 2015

The Guinness book of records ..part 2

Yesterday, driving through the desert along with my newly found friend, I learned more of this 23 year olds life.

Some it seems have a comfortable upbringing and lifestyle whilst others seem less fortunate.

I wrote yesterday of this young man’s parents, both alcoholic’s.
I cannot even imagine the life he must have had.
It had to have been really tough because as soon as he felt able he left them, to live on the streets in Slovakia amongst drug addicts, alcoholics and others, but he never felt enticed to follow them.
For 4 years he slept out in the cold, having no one to comfort him.
But one day it seems some one had seen him as being different to the others, and promised him a job.
He was given 2,000 krona and a small room in an hostel.
With this money he was able to go buy new clothes and all he needed to prepare for his new career.
But some time later his girlfriend of 5 years betrayed him, it was too tough for him to handle, so decided to set up his own plan to travel the world alone with no money.

I want Village Ventures to become a sponsor and enable this special young man to achieve his dream and have his life remembered as someone who never gave up when all around seemed dead and empty, but fought for his life to be special..
Incredible to me..I’m grateful to have a chance to help if only in a small way.

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