Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | December 18, 2015

Support from Church

Good morning Jeremy,
It would be wonderful if we could have church support our programmes.
As Mali is one of the 5 poorest countries in the world and our area Diema, in particular suffers much hard ship due to poverty but also because of the terrain, we are situated in desert/ Sahel.
This creates many problems, lack of rain that should fill the dry wells for drinking and lack of water to grow crops,
Each person living within one of our 152 villages able to dig or plant, will go out into their fields as soon as any rain falls to enhance they’re chance of growing sufficient staple food, which is millet mainly.
Many times their efforts are in vain, as there is insufficient rainfall, causing crops to fail.
Hence the reason for the need of more wells, and solar pump filtration systems.
At least this way villagers can prepare smaller garden’s within they’re community to stave off malnutrition.
Village Ventures try to source financial support for such wells and at the same time encourage the menfolk to begin digging them. We provide hand tools only as there is no electricity for machinery to substitute the painstaking labour.
Once a Village can no longer dig, we pay a local expert who will blast down until we reach a good water level, suitable for irrigation.
We then cover costs of the metal cage and cement as well as labour costs.
Depending on cost of cement and of course depth of the well normally £1,000 is sufficient.
If anyone is able to support us with this programme we would be most grateful.
Pam Young

Charity no. For anyone wishing to assist is 1154438 and bank details Lloyd’s bank 77.91.03 12825668
Should you wish to speak with our Treasurer Mr.Anthony Cedric Hall
Tel. 0115 9266868
He will be more than willing to advise.

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