Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | December 18, 2015


We are always grateful to have any volunteers.
There are many ways they can assist.
Working in the villages, helping collect wood or water, even out in the fields planting or harvesting.
As we set up a programme in all our 16 schools. I T. skilled volunteers are most welcome to assist, as even our staff/ teachers have little knowledge of internet etc..
We recently opened a new hospital, but sadly I already see neglect, when it comes to hygiene, so Drs. Nurses, or auxiliary workers could be of great assistance there.
Our programmes with two orphanages in Mauritania would also benefit from any volunteer contributions, financial, or physical.
We recently set up new programmes in Mauritania for single parents (women ) bringing up children alone who struggle to feed them.
6 hand sewing machines where bought and distributed to small groups in kiffa and kubeni in Mauritania, this not only encourages learning to earn, but helps buy food for children and allows the group of women, to speak together of their family situations and other issues concerning them.
So volunteers or hand sewing machines are always useful.

Accommodation and basic foods will be given free of charge, should anyone be interested in supporting.
Machines can be sourced and bought in Mauritania at a cost of £60. To buy machines insitu is preferable for us as they weigh heavy in the car..!!

Any information on flights and transport costs can be supplied on request.
Individuals will be met at the airport and taken to they’re chosen area.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.

Our email address is

We look forward to welcoming any group or individuals who care to join us.
The best season for visiting and volunteering is normally anytime from September through to March/April.

God bless and thankyou for taking the time out to read a little of how we try to assist those with so little.

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