Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 4, 2016

ooh so tough

This morning i went for wasn’t ready so decided to go again in the red hot bread…was really pleased..smell was wonderful…
It was only a short drive back to my place but took wrong route..oops!!!i was stuck in the muds ..i managed to get out and walk home..apologised to Eric gave him the car key and then immediately a cretin , a stinging insect..flew into my tee shirt..i just wanted to rip it of..the thing was biting and stinging me..then it fell into my trousers..screaming i finally killed the i looked really funny..
Im still suffering.. very painful..together with a tweek in my back and doing well…
Aside from my cares..we’ve been busy taking out will follow..but not till next week..Thankyou for all you do to help others x

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