Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 6, 2016

Inaldo and Pam Fulani

On Tuesday early evening I decided to go take time handmaid dresses to my fulani family..Inaldo was small yet strong now after almost dying of malnutrition in 2012..i gave her 2 pink dresses and one to other girls in the family ..Inaldo smiled although we don’t speak same language she knows i care for her..
Id left quickly as it was time of the mmosquito..I’ve been bitten too much already..i asked if they would visit me..
Yesterday they came…i was so grateful i believe its the first time Inaldo left the small time out un the bush..
I gave all children a container of honey each..with an extra one to lots of other donations…
When i look at Pam Fulani a
and Inaldo together..Pam is twice her sure yet only a third her age..
Im since grateful though that this little girl who has suffered so much is alive and
getting stronger the

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