Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | April 7, 2017

A few of our programmes

Village Ventures Africa, via various donations aim to assist in the poverty alleviation programme in Mali and Mauritania.

Though funding is difficult to source, we have no shortage of donated items, these include, treadle sewing machines enabling women to gain life skills, learn to earn so they can feed their children.
This programme is being implemented throughout both countries in areas of greatest need, thus changing the lives of some of the poorest.

We request and receive donated second hand laptops, we give these to schools, enabling youth opportunity to gain a better education and world knowledge.

Bicycles are also donated, we give these to children who walk to school up to 14 kms. This programme is vital in both health and conserving energy of children, enabling them to stay alert and gain much needed education.

Health kits are also prepared and given to women in rural villages, again a wonderful programme.

School kits are prepared and distributed to the poorest, especially for those who have no other means of buying the basic requirements.
This is a 5 year programme encouraging children to go to school and receive a good standard of Education.

Our latest programme commencing later this year will be enabling the blind to see via cataract surgery. This incredible opportunity is a first and will change lives of many.

These are just a few of the programmes that we have initiated over the past 16 years.
Self help, education, health, changing lives for the better is what Village Ventures Africa has been encouraging and continues to do via donations from the public sector.
God Bless and thankyou for your continued support.

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