Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | May 3, 2017

Our ongoing programmes

The machines we have, are working much of the time supporting those women who have little. There being used by groups of up to 90 women. Each taking turn to make and sell their own goods.
They make various items, but especially foot cushions, and elbow rests.
These sell well in the markets, so all using the machines are able to raise some small money to feed themselves and their children.
This photo shows the Mayor of Kubeni standing amongst some women who have been making these cushions.
The photo was taken just before we donated the new treadle machines.
As for electric machines, they can be useful because we do now have electricity both in Mali and Mauritania.
But our rural areas were the very poor live, they have to have hand or treadle machines.
We have many ongoing projects, including school kits for our children to go to school and continuation of our laptops for schools. As well as solar panels for rural villages to have at least light in the night.
Our latest programme is helping the blind to see.
It’s a programme I’ve wanted for many years now,and finally I hope we will have a surgeon and his team come to Diema early December to to the operations.
For the success of this programme, I need to supply all consumables.
This obviously is an expensive plan, but already I have sourced spectacles and lenses, of course we need to raise funds for these, and there’s still many other items required.
So any ophthalmic items would be most welcome, but this programme will be in December as previously mentioned.
For the coming year we want to continue, our programmes, enabling children to have chance of an education, world knowledge via use of laptops, food for children by donations of sewing machines and other such equipment empowering women with skills and the ability to gain skills enabling them to earn a little money to feed the children.

On 2 May 2017 11:06 p.m., "József Bíró" <biroleguan> wrote:

Kedves Pam !

Örülök a jelentkezésednek és méginkább,hogy találkozhatunk.

Igyekszem ott lenni 24.-én és amennyiben a barátom is ráér,őt is vinném magammal.Ő volt az aki néhány éve egy komplett mentőautót vitt Mauritániába.

Kérdésem,hogy az eddigi tapasztalatok szerint hogyan működnek a gépek ?

Van-e valami hiány a további sikeres munkához ? További gépek,alkatrészek,anyagok? Van-e lehetőségetek 220 Volt vagy esetleg 380 Volt

biztosítására a gépek üzemeltetéséhez ? Esetleg valami új ötlet a sikeres munkavégzésedhez ?

Örülök a találkozásnak !

Isten áldjon !


2017-05-02 20:09 GMT+02:00 Village Ventures <villageventures>:

How are you?
Hoping you are well.
I just wanted you to know that I will be in Budapest once again from 22 May to 26 May.
There is an African day being held on 24th by AHU.
Would be good to meet up again if possible.
God Bless

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