Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 29, 2017

Diema village chief speaks on our Cataract surgery program…

It seems the whole area of Diema is excited that we were able to have 20 surgeons, Drs and opticians visit for 7 days to do Cataract surgery for 243 of the poorest well as examination of at least 2,300 individuals..minimum of 1,100 pairs of spectacles and sun glasses were donated as well as eye creams eye drops etc..The population of over 200,000 expressed their feelings by stating that the had never seen such sacrifice and kindness!!
It’s thanks to all the Drs, individuals and others who sacrificed time, energy, donations to allow this wonderful programme to be realised..I feel honoured to have been a part of such an incredible event..Giving people back their sight in some cases…
This programme was not of my making but that of a Heavenly Father who loves all of his children…it’s been an incredible experience for all….
Village chief and I…
A young Fulani boy..who never could afford to see a Dr/ optician in his life..
A special lady from the Moore tribe came to say thankyou..she can now see again..yippee!!
Those that came from up to 60 Kms queued from before 7am to be sure of getting chance to be seen by our wonderful team of surgeons Drs and opticians.

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