Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | November 10, 2017

Operation Day

Here are 2 men who had Cataract operations, they’re returning to have the eye patch’s been incredibly hard work for everyone involved but the joy of knowing that a once blind person can now see..more especially at no cost to themselves is so wonderful..God Bless all our Drs..


  1. Hi Pam, thank you for these wonderful posts and all the marvellous work you do. Following recent conversations and agreement from John Mace, Michael Gilmore and Trevor Hunston, with your permission I would like to once again approach the Humanitarian Services of the Church to request support for your projects and efforts in any way possible. Trevor explained to me the “tender relationships” you are nuturing and councelled me to not proceed without contacting you, however if you would like me to make a request once again I will gladly do so.

    One idea is for you to be willing to be videoed for inclusion in church video material perhaps for a future “Meet the Mormons New faces” (the sequels to the original film).

    What Adam Rose did with his sponsored cycle ride is wonderful and I am sure locally we could also do more of that fundraising for specific needs.

    I would welcome your thoughts of course when convenient and available to reply.

    Regards & thanks for all you do

    Jeremy Kay

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