Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | April 23, 2018

Cataract programme in Mali review

As last season’s Cataract surgery program in Mali was a great success, we’re hoping to have Drs return to do a follow up..but that cannot be done this year. ….But next year.The reason being we have so many people coming even now asking for the Drs..
In Africa, especially in our area, it’s unknown for people to receive anything FREE, let alone medical treatments..

Due to the bright sunlight, and lack of sunglasses for protection many people suffer with eye issues.
Over the 18 years I’ve lived and worked in the area of Diema, many individuals have gone blind..
My prayer is that we are able to have Drs come on a regular yearly basis to give service free of charge to help change lives of those suffering severe hardships on a daily basis.
Thankyou for your continued support.. this year we’re hoping to set up a new programme recycling plastics….
Update to follow.

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