Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | April 23, 2018

Recycling Plastics Machines for Mali

This season’s special programme for Diema, Recycling Plastics…We now have a major issue with plastics in the area, where, not only 200,000 people live in small hamlets and villages around the main town, but due Diema being the International Crossroads of Mali, there are over 100 coaches passing every single day..many stopping at our crossroads to by snacks, as they travel onto various locations, including Senegal and Mauritania.
Since 2008 when the new road was opened, new issues began to surface in and around the town.
Plastics bags, plastic bottles, and all manner of waste materials are blown by strong winds around the town as individuals on coaches simply throw out their unwanted Garbage..
Something must be done in regards to this major issue, as the main source of income for this area is animal husbandry.
With cattle sheep and goats roaming freely around the area, many are dying from eating various plastic material.
With this in mind, as well as industry being a vital requirement for the development in Diema huge area.
We believe recycling plastics to be vital.
It’s vital for the cleaning up of the environment.
It will also enable the poorest of the poor to collect and bring along plastic waste to be recycled into some useful resalable items.
Obviously for our small Charity this is a huge programme, so we need your help.
The cottage industry type machines cost around £1,000 each and we need at least 4 different machines.
1. Cutting machine
2. Kibbling machine
3.oven to melt plastics
4. Mould making machine

These machines can be bought complete..or we can download the patterns from internet.
Checkout the website of
it’s a wonderful programme to recycle all types of plastic waste materials.

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