Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 7, 2018

Just 5 Euro feeds a family very privileged am be the one to bring you’re donations to share with those desperate for just a little sustinance..I wish we could do more..but because of you’re donations and our fundraising efforts we’re given opportunities to reach out and minister to those in greatest of need..

I do not praise my efforts at all, but salute you all, without whose contributions, I alone could do very little, but because of you, here and there the lives of others are being changed…if only in a small way…too many people suffer needlessly..just for want of perhaps 5 Euro..for today YOU FED A FAMILY FOR MORE THAN 1 WEEK with 5 euro..

As we went to the local market, a lady stood with her daughter, asking for money..I asked her seemed she had nothing, no way of feeding her family…you helped cover the cost of buying a huge bag of vegetables,fruit and a little meat…then she was invited to come take clothes for herself, children and extra to sell so she would be able to buy food again for the next 2 week…
She was so touched by your generosity…
And I am indebted to you for trusting in me to share of your kindness..
God Bless.

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