Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 10, 2018

The heat is on…

Mauritania is not an easy place to live or always get to..From Morocco there is a small amount of new tar road laid by Morocco, but then it’s rocks, boulders shale…on the Mauritanian side.
Never easy to pass at the best of times..but with my car being overloaded it was a night mare..
I thought I’d damaged the sump, as it was, all the heavy duty plastic protection covers were hanging of and dragging under the car..grr… should have had a 4×4!!
Mercifully it didn’t take too long for me to cross the border though..
But then the heat was well and truly on …
It’s 450 kilometres from the border to Nouakchott..
Temperature, I kid you not was 43 degrees outside of my conditioner wasn’t up to keeping cool at that heat, so windows open..face like a beetroot, as the sun takes a direct hit on the windscreen….wind as hot as temperature outside. Sandstorms..sweat dripping ..sand sticking anywhere.. you’ve got the picture..then had to put something in my ears to protect them from any grains causing issues..
I’d been driving since 7.15 ISH in the morning..didn’t want to stop and elongate the motored on until I arrived at my destination.. nouakchott.. thankfully…that stretch was over.
Next trek!! Later

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