Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 15, 2018

Cataract surgery follow up…..

It’s been almost a year since we had our 22 Drs here in Diema, to examine and operate on those who needed surgery and give spectacles to all who required them..Apparently everyone still talks about this incredible programme, giving sight back to those with cataracts..
One story is of a blind man, who, travelled more than 105 kilometres to be here for the Drs and after 6 years of being blind, prayed he’d have the chance to see..
During those 6 years he had to be led by the hand of others from place to place, obviously couldn’t work, was sure he would never see again in life..
Then to his amazement, he got the chance of surgery..his sight restored, he now works, and is ever grateful to have heard our message, on the local radio that Drs were coming to help restore sight were ever possible..

A wonderful story and there are many more..for another day…

For anyone in this area to have Cataract surgery here, it would cost minimum of £350 roughly with transportation etc…

No-one has that kind of money in the area’s I work…so all would stay blind for the rest of their lives .
It’s already incredibly difficult for those who have to survive here on little or nothing…I cannot imagine how it would be to be blind on top of else.
We are ever grateful to all those who participated in the programme in any way..

Yesterday I spoke with the chief of the Drs, who came to do the examinations and operations, asking if they would please return next year…they’re checking the programme for me now..

This time around, if it’s at all possible, I need the local governments input, as well as other charities to support us..
We have remember that this town/ large village..with its 152 hamlets/ villages the International Carrefour/ crossroads of Mali, and we have more than 200,000 inhabitants dwelling although our efforts to examine 2,400 people last year..there are many more desperate for our assistance..
God Bless and thankyou all once again..
You can never know how much it’s appreciated..

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