Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | September 8, 2019

Route to Mali…

It’s some long time since I wrote in the site…many reasons for this..when I’m in the UK I’m busy trying to raise much needed funds…also thankfully I’m able to check on programmes in Mali as we now have a internet connection although it’s sporadic.Right now I’m on route to Mali….. grateful to have passed through 2 borders with donations for those in greatest of need in Diema.
On this occasion I don’t believe my vehicle will pass the flooded areas to Mali..
The goods will need to go by public transport with Eric (an horrendous journey)and I will try to find private meet them in Diema.

I’ve tried hard to find Cataract surgeons to come once more to assist our people but it’s a difficult one..
So if you know anyone who is willing to come over to Mali to do Cataract surgery please advise as soon as possible.
Thankyou all for your continuing support..

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