Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | October 27, 2021

Devastating news… sad

Since I wrote last I learned that our lady, Ami, who went to Bamako for a cataract surgery operation has been sent home… apparently it was too late to save either of her eyes…
We’re devastated, if only we had a team of surgeons willing to come out… A Cataract operation is a simple procedure but when left, other issues can cause longer lasting effects.
This single parent has to be taken out to the market everyday, to try and sell some small items on the market to feed herself and her children. As she sits out in the sun, it’s rays
begin to burn her eyes.
There are so many eye issues, it’s really tough…I continue to beg support from around the world..I can only pray somewhere There is a team of eye specialists wanting to come to Africa and help ease the burden so many poverty-stricken people face each day..

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