Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | March 11, 2022

Humanitarian programmes for Ukraine…

It’s been a very tough time for me of late, watching events unfolding in Ukraine…Feeling frustrated doing nothing to assist.

So I finally arranged to go to Hungary, Budapest in the first instance, as many of the refugees are coming in from the Ukrainian border there.

I’m trying to raise funds, the money will go to buy food, blankets, things that are most needed by these people who are having to leave their homes with nothing but the clothes they stand-up in.

I cannot stand idly by, these people are like family to me.
They, in the past have taken time to come bring much needed donations to Mali…it’s for me now to reciprocate.

If anyone would like to support my efforts, don’t hesitate to make contact..
Thank you


  1. Donation coming soon from St Mary’s Rotherham.God bless you and the children of Ukraine. Thank you for being there Pam.

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