Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | March 13, 2022

Ukraine -Budapest link

Since 2009 Village Ventures has built up a special relationship with Hungary and it’s bordering countries.Once Andrew Szabo came to Mali and saw the poverty, he agreed to bring the rally to Diema, bringing my h needed donations of medicines, school materials, second hand laptops bicycles as well as sewing machines to help with local development..
Right now I feel a string obligation to go to Hungary, Budapest in the first instance to offer as much assistance as is possible.

I’ve learned that there’s an orphanage that is just inside Ukraine that may need our services.
There’s a homeless charity that is going to the border almost daily to help refugees enter the country easier.
Our donations will be turned into much needed food supplies in these and other areas..
We are so grateful to all who continue to support us as we reach out to support those in need around the globe..
God Bless


  1. Slava Ukraini Glory to Ukraine. God bless all Village Ventures are doing to bring Humanitarian Aid and essential provisions to the older generation seen here.

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