Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | April 4, 2022

Supporting refugees at borders

Village Ventures.. Africa normally raises awareness of the plight of the people in Africa and although it is still our main focus, there are times when we have no option but to diversify a little..Refugees coming from Ukraine into Hungary are traumatised, having to leave their husbands, homes family and all things familiar to them.

So it was deemed necessary for our small Charity to raise funds to support refugees as the come into Hungary.

Mercifully we managed to raise just over £5000
most of which has been donated already to individuals,families,organisations, who clearly needed support..

It has been very difficult to keep a smiling face in front of those we know have seen many a corpse of friends and family just strewn on the roadsides.
We have learned of people being in underground shelters since 24 February when the war broke out.
Only surfacing a couple of days before arriving at the borders here in Hungary..
We have videos which have been forwarded to me of the atrocities continuing to take place in some areas of Ukraine.

It is abominable that in this 21st Century, there are those who choose to behave worse than most animals..

We are only humbled and grateful to be here supporting in anyway we can..
We know we can’t take away the trauma, but we can show love and kindness, a hug and a smile to welcome them into their previously unknown new surroundings..

Only deeply humbled and honoured to try and be of service here .
Thankyou for your kindness in helping us support those in need..

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