Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | April 10, 2022

Mother, Daughter and her Twin Sons and a handbag…..

Early this past week I met a Ukrainian Mother of 3, she had a daughter around 12 years of age and twins just 6 years old.I watched as this younger mother played with her twin sons at the border centre of Tiszabecs.

Good to see them together seemingly relaxing..but to learn of the reality is shocking.

This lady together with her children seemed to have left home in Kviv so traumatised, arriving at the centre on the border with nothing more than her small handbag..
No suitcase, no phone, no money, except herself and her children..
Being awakened during the night by the sounds of gunfire and bombs blasting around can play havoc with the mind..
She just couldn’t think more than the safety of her children.
Thankfully because of your support, we were abled to help her.

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