Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | December 29, 2011

wild cat food

We have been trying to rear ducks and chickens for some time here at the centre..only to find that a wild cat or two has been coming in the night eating them.. we only have 4 baby chicks left now out of 20..what a shame..9 baby ducks out of 30, so it was a great relief to me when Salihou came with the cat traps the other day and we actually caugth the biggest cat…even the guinea fowls seemed happy as they stood on top of one of our buildings making noises as they watched the whole proceedure of taking the cat from the trap ect…
Apparently very good food for Salihous children.. they say its very sweet meat.. am afraid its not on my new years menu…in fact we had a leg of mutton on christmas day and as there were no tourists around that day we ate very little so the next morning I took it to the hospital where we have a fulani young woman with 3 babies… not that she would feed them meat..but that she could eat some and share the rest with other patients there..they were all too!!

On the 27th I took my car down to Bamako to collect a lady who was coming from Budapest to stay here for 3 weeks as a volunteer..we had a good journey..expensive thougha its 350 kms one way..fuel here is not cheap..anyway we were 50 kms from diema when we had to stop as there was a bad accident luckily our own red cross team was there.. and we carried a lady and her baby back to the hospital here in the town..was awful to have to bring her here as when we arrived there at 4 am was no one around.. no lights anywhere..I hooted and hooted until some one eventually came to help them..horrendous..i dropped of my new visitor and got back in the car headed out to the accident site to collect more of the people …only to find on arrival that the red cross had gone and the police were there trying to move the wrecked cars nd remove the 2 dead passengers of a small vehicle…at that point i realised i had done enough and could be of no furter assistance.. arrived home about 5.45 am slept for 1 hour and then had to start my day..
We shared a really good day and went to see our Fulani family and Inaldo who is really having a tough time out there in the bush.. but I can do nothing only visit take her a few goodies each time I go and let her know that some one cares..cannot take her out of the family she knows.. I cant feed her the way she is used to.. she couldnt understand me at all and would be ery upsetting all around.. so i try to do the best I can for her…by showing her and the rest of the family that she is special…
Hope you all have a happy new year…will update again over the next few days as time permits..

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