Posted by: Diema Village Ventures | February 3, 2012

projects of the week

This week we have been very busy, had visitors from Austria who are making a film. encouraged them to help us with several projects.. This morning I decided to gather our Koranic children together and pay them a few cents to collect some garbage from the Crossroads..was happy so were they..!/2 fotos show them collecting and posing..!! 3.Believe it or not this was the day I was asked to TOW 2 vehicles 30kms!!!did it..It was also the day I overtook 3 trucks TOWING the 2 vehicles..Crazy!!!
4/7This is the well again in mambrooke day by day we are getting closer to finishing it..Horsstill have time to come and help use and cart are taking the metal that we use to make the cement surroundings to stop it collapsing..
5/6 Finally we are able to start our NEEM OIL project..we had to wait untilt the seeds were ready to collect..these fotos show Fatima earning a few cents for preparing the kernals ready for pressing.. And finally Our children have had no school since before Christmas so i decided we should have some English classes..Here you can see our volunteers are teaching a few students..
IOts been a great week.. you still have time to come and help us this season..just send a mail..waiting to hear from you..
You have been sent 8 pictures.

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